The Internet of Communities

The Internet of Communities – A networked social system

Human organizations would actualize greater value if they could maximize social engagement.

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Human-sized networks nested in a continuum of trust

Close-knit and emotionally bonded communities like music bands, sport teams and startups are social environments that naturally provide mutual support as members are tied by similar intentions, joint responsibilities and shared outcomes. Being interdependent, they rely on trust to frame their relationships. As such, they choose to take the risk of being vulnerable to each other knowing that […]

Introduction to the Internet of Communities

Inspired by close-knit communities, the Internet of Communities is a proposal to add a layer of social trust on the Web so that people can engage with more confidence and actualize greater value for themselves and their communities.

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The Internet of Communities is in Bratislava for the ICT 2016

Meet us there!

The Internet of Communities at World Buddhist University Bangkok 2016

We are proud to present the Internet of Communities at WBU 2016:

Trust Networks becomes the Internet of Communities

Trust Networks integrate the social dynamics of close-knit communities and become the Internet of Communities.

Trust Networks at ICT 2015 in Lisbon

Meet us during the ICT 2015 Conference in Lisbon between the 20th and the 22nd of October. We are registered under the name MEOH. More info at

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Meoh is a research group located in the heart of Brussels and registered as a non-profit association. Focused on human dynamics, the purpose of Meoh is to advance the understanding of new participatory and governance models. Its current proposal is the “Internet of Communities” or IoC.


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