The Social Ecosystem

The social ecosystem

In a world where change is the only constant, we must design for adaptability. This is also true for social systems. WHY In a highly connected, complex and uncertain world, we lose all ability to predict future events. Indeed, connectedness creates complexity and complexity bring uncertainty as events do not have their sources in easily […]



The Internet of Communities becomes The Social Ecosystem

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The Internet of Communities is in Bratislava for the ICT 2016

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The Internet of Communities at World Buddhist University Bangkok 2016

We are proud to present the Internet of Communities at WBU 2016:

Trust Networks becomes the Internet of Communities

Trust Networks integrate the social dynamics of close-knit communities and become the Internet of Communities.

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About us

Meoh is an independent and multi-disciplinary research group located in the heart of Brussels. Its main topics of interest are human dynamics and trust. At the systemic level, the group conducts a fundamental research on the adaptability of human organizations in an increasingly complex world. At the practical level, the group aims to engage everyone in new participatory and governance models. Its current proposal is “The Social Ecosystem” to help people rebuild qualitative relationships through the sharing of intelligence and emotions in a trusted online environment.


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